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A Physical Therapist Does a Lot More Than a Personal Trainer

It’s very common for a doctor to refer a patient for physical therapy CO after an injury or illness. Many people, however, are not aware of just what a physical therapist does or the full extent of his or her education and training. Some people think that because a physical therapist works with patients or clients on exercise programs that they are somewhat like a personal trainer. That’s not really the case at all.

Physical Therapists

A physical therapist (PT) is a healthcare professional who has been trained to diagnose and treat people from newborns to the elderly with musculoskeletal dysfunction. They work with people with medical conditions or health issues that are limiting their ability to move and perform their customary daily activities.


A physical therapist:

Diagnoses and develops a treatment plan to manage an individual’s dysfunctional movement

Increases an individual’s ability to perform daily activities such as walking and other arm and leg movements

Helps to decrease the pain associated with a medical issue and teaches the proper way to walk, sit, stand etc. for the most effective pain relief

Works to prevent the onset or progression of functional impairment resulting from disabilities, injuries and illnesses

Physical therapists are highly trained and educated, having successfully completed:

A 3-4 year bachelors degree focused on specific pre-professional PT courses

A 3 year Doctor of Physical Therapy degree

At least one year in a residency program

A physical therapist may be board-certified in one or more of eight specialty areas including:

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary




Women’s Health


Clinical Electrophysiology


Personal Trainers

A personal trainer helps people to increase their fitness level and achieve their personal goals. He or she should possess some knowledge of basic human anatomy, exercise science and basic nutrition and may or may not be certified. This will not be the same certification that a physical therapist possesses. Personal trainers perform a valuable function, but do not have the training or expertise of a physical therapist.

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